Best Netflix VPN Services of 2019

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1 ExpressVPN

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Starting price: $8.32 / MO Money Back: 30 Days
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Expert Overview
Strict geoblocks by Netflix are making it hard for users from across the world to access its content. Fortunately, with services like ExpressVPN, bypassing restrictions and watching your favorite shows is now easier. ExpressVPN is one of the best VPN services you can rely on to access Netflix from your location. With its vast server network, high speeds, and unlimited data, the service allows you to enjoy fast streaming securely and anonymously from wherever you are.

2 NordVPN

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Starting price: $2.99 / MO Money Back: 30 Days
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Expert Overview
As one of the top streaming platforms, Netflix has made it a lot harder, even for VPNs, to bypass its geographic restrictions. However, there are a few VPN services that have refined their features to bypass those restrictions, and NordVPN belongs to the top of this list. Having made great improvements to their VPN servers, NordVPN has now made it easy and safe for users to access Netflix from any geographic location using their Mac OS X, Windows, or Linux devices. To make this possible, the VPN’s servers, located in the US, Canada, Netherlands, and France deliver great speeds and connection stability.

3 Ivacy VPN

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Starting price: $1.33 / MO Money Back: 30 Days
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Expert Overview
For more than a decade now, Ivacy has remained high on the list of the best VPN providers in the industry. One of the best things about the provider is its ability to bypass even the strongest firewalls, such as the one Netflix has. Ivacy has a great set of features, including military-grade encryption, an excellent Privacy Policy and a large range of servers strategically located around the world.

Other Options By Ranking

4 CyberGhost VPN

Starting price: $3.50 / MO Money Back 45 Days
Expert Overview
One of the main reasons why people turn to VPN services is to access Geo-restricted video streaming platforms like Netflix. As one of the widely preferred VPN choices for a long time now, CyberGhost VPN makes it possible for users to unblock geographically restricted content on Netflix and other similar platforms. With its freshly updated server locations, high security standards, and exclusive “Unblock Streaming” feature, this VPN service is certainly one of the best VPNs for Netflix.

5 VyprVPN

Starting price: $3.75 / MO Money Back 30 Days
Expert Overview
When it comes to the best VPNs for Netflix, VyprVPN from Golden Frog has not always been the first or best choice among users. The VPN’s users have struggled to access the streaming service in the past. However, the VPN service has managed to work its way up the ladder, and with its new solutions it is now a decent VPN which you can use to access Netflix. It certainly is not perfect yet, because there are only specific servers you can connect with to access Netflix. Also, this VPN seems to work better on desktops and laptops than on mobile devices, which could be an issue for frequent travelers. Overall, it is a decent VPN which you can use to access Netflix.

6 RusVPN

Starting price: $4.99 / MO Money Back 30 Days
Expert Overview
They have servers in 27 countries and are most recommended for countries like United States, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, China, Russia, United Kingdom, Turkey, Brazil, Ukraine for the fastest and most feature-rich experience. This VPN service is best suited for Streaming, Torrenting, Gaming, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, BBC iPlayer and 100% of user reviews who used RusVPN are positive.

7 PureVPN

Starting price: $3.25 / MO Money Back 7 Days
Expert Overview
The inability to stream Netflix content is a constant debate in the VPN community. But, with services like PureVPN, accessing Netflix has become a little easier, because users are able to not only bypass the imposed restrictions, but to do so with complete security and anonymity. With their strategically located self-optimized VPN servers, PureVPN enables users to enjoy fast and uninterrupted Netflix streaming from anywhere around the world.

8 Borderless VPN

Starting price: $3.70 / MO Money Back 14 Days
Expert Overview
Borderless VPN is based in Norway. They have servers in 13 countries and are most recommended for countries like United States, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, China, Russia, United Kingdom, Turkey, Ukraine for the fastest and most feature-rich experience. This VPN service is best suited for Streaming, Torrenting, Gaming, Netflix and 100% of user reviews who used Borderless VPN are positive.

9 ZoogVPN

Starting price: $2.99 / MO Money Back 7 Days
Expert Overview
They have servers in 17 countries and are most recommended for countries like China, United States, Russia, United Kingdom for the fastest and most feature-rich experience. This VPN service is best suited for Netflix, BBC iPlayer and 91% of user reviews who used ZoogVPN are positive.

The Best VPNs for Netflix

As the most popular streaming platform in the world, Netflix is the primary entertainment choice for cord-cutting people when it comes to binge-watching TV series and enjoying a good movie in their free time. Below we will look at how to use a VPN for Netflix, some contextual factors to consider, and the best VPNs for the job. 

More than two decades after Netflix first appeared in the United States, the company has grown from a subscription-based DVD service to the number one option for streaming audiences, with records showing more than 130 million users in 2018.

The company saw the potential that lies in streaming technology back in 2007 and used it to its advantage. Eventually, Netflix made a complete transition into a subscription video-on-demand platform available for users all around the world. Netflix differentiates itself from other streaming services by offering an impressive lineup of movies and series as well as Netflix Original content, including original movies and TV series.

Netflix is available in almost every country around the world, for an affordable subscription fee. Netflix is so popular nowadays that an astonishing 37 percent of all internet users are also using Netflix.

Unfortunately, at the same time, this global popularity is also causing the biggest problem with Netflix.

Netflix Limits Content Based On Location

Many people are surprised to find out that the distribution of content is not the same for every country. Two different countries will have two distinct Netflix libraries, although usually, they pay the same amount for the subscription.

Currently, the U.S. Netflix library boasts with the biggest selection of all with over 5,500 movies and TV shows. Sadly at the other end is Albania with the smallest Netflix collection at only 233 movies and TV shows.

The reason why non-U.S. regions enjoy a smaller selection of Netflix content is because of licensing and copyright issues. All content gets licensed per country and if it's assumed the audience for a video in a country is too low it won't be worth the cost to license.

For example, U.K. Netflix has British comedies and TV shows that are widely popular among the Brits, but wouldn’t be anywhere near as successful in say the Philippines.

When it comes to popular American entertainment content, including Hollywood movies, content is being restricted even though the demand is high. That is why many users have turned to tools that change the users’ IP address and allow them to access U.S. Netflix, namely VPNs.

Using VPNs With Netflix

Nowadays, it’s hard to find a reliable VPN service provider that you can use with Netflix streaming as Netflix actively works to detect and block VPNs. Even for travelers that want to access their home country’s Netflix while abroad.

The difference in content libraries between countries is the main reason people turn to VPNs for help, but it’s not the only one.

A total of five countries in the world do not support Netflix. These countries are China (mainland), Iran, Crimea, Syria, and North Korea. Most known for their infamous internet censorship and strict regulations. However, virtual private networks are also a good option for people from these countries that want to gain access to Netflix.

Many providers on the VPN market will claim that they can bypass the Netflix ban, but not all can be trusted. In order to gain customers, service providers give misleading promises that they later fail to deliver.

So, keep an eye on the unrealistic Netflix promises and remember that only a small number of VPN providers can get around the ban and grant you access to different Netflix libraries.

Top Three VPNs for Netflix in 2019

Before you choose a VPN you need to take a few things into consideration. The remaining choices that can still work around the Netflix ban offer different features, and they all have both their pros and cons.

It is up to you to decide which one fits your needs the best, whether it is in terms of price, speed, number of servers, security, the simplicity of use, etc.

The following list of VPN service providers is short but sufficient to choose the most fitting provider for a pleasant Netflix streaming experience.

We are presenting the top three providers that can bypass the VPN ban. Hopefully, you will find them helpful.


VyprVPN is absolutely one of the best providers when it comes to unblocking content and bypassing restrictions.

VyprVPN is a well-known VPN service that owns their own servers, giving them much better server speeds than many. The provider also boasts a patented security protocol called Chameleon protocol which can bypass most firewalls and geographic restrictions.

VyprVPN can provide users with what they want most, access to the U.S. Netflix. However, the downside is that VyprVPN is also limited to this country only as their other servers are not optimized to run Netflix yet. Hence, VyprVPN is convenient for users that want to the U.S. Netflix library but not for other more demanding users.

Pros of VyprVPN: Speedy servers; strong encryption; free trial available; affordable

Cons of VyprVPN: Can access only U.S. Netflix


CyberGhost is an advanced provider with an excellent set of VPN features. With CyberGhost you will be able to stream Netflix on US, UK, German, French and Finnish streaming-optimized servers. CyberGhost has a nice range of servers that cover 58 countries. Although the servers’ speeds depend on many factors, users of CyberGhost are generally satisfied.

What makes CyberGhost an even better alternative for all types of users is the fact that it is easy to navigate, it’s available on many devices and operating systems, and you can use up to seven simultaneous connections, which is above the market’s average.

Pros of CyberGhost: 7 simultaneous connections; strong security; 45-day money-return policy

Cons of CyberGhost: No free trial; could improve the servers’ speed


NordVPN is our best choice for accessing Netflix. The provider has been on the market for a long time, and during that time NordVPN always remained on top of the VPN lists thanks to its amazing features. The provider has been a faithful companion to users in countries with strong censorship and has helped millions of people reach better entertainment content, including on Netflix.

You can use their servers to connect with Netflix in the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, the Netherlands, and Canada. They even listed which servers to try in case you are experiencing problems with your connection.

Pros of NordVPN: Excellent security and privacy; affordable; free trial; nice server range

Cons of NordVPN: Occasional speed problems

The Netflix Ban On VPNs

Virtual private networks, as the fundamental tool for obtaining better entertainment content on the internet, have become a real thorn in Netflix’s side. For a while, subscribers were freely employing the benefits of VPNs to bypass the problem with the different Netflix content by country.

But that was until Netflix started fighting against VPNs. Now the platform has one of the strongest geo-restrictions that are hard to circumvent even with some of the best VPN providers on the market.

After spreading to 190 countries in early 2016, Netflix began the infamous VPN ban.

Ever since, both VPN service providers and Netflix have been competing for better and improved technology to best the other. Although Netflix is somewhat in the lead, causing many VPN providers to give up in their attempts to fight off the restrictions, there is still a handful of providers that can successfully outsmart the Netflix ban.

Considering the circumstances it’s important to mention that using a VPN is not illegal, but using it to bypass the Netflix restriction means disobeying the company’s policies.

How Does The Ban Work?

Netflix uses sophisticated detection systems that can track basic and low-quality VPN service providers. You will notice this when a Netflix proxy error message pops up on your screen saying that something went wrong and advises you to turn off the unblocker or proxy that you are using.

Don’t let the fact that you can open the Netflix browser and scroll through the content mislead you into thinking that the VPN you are using won’t get noticed.

In fact, the VPN detector Netflix uses will first see your IP address, the one that your VPN server has appointed to you and let you navigate through that country’s content library. However, once you try and play a video you will be blocked. It’s because the Netflix server that hosts the video content has a much stronger VPN detection, and can efficiently verify that the IP address you are using does not, in fact, belong to you.

It doesn't help that with a poor VPN provider, you can share the same IP address with up to hundreds of other users of that VPN server. It’s what VPN service providers call a “Shared" IP address. It’s the first thing the Netflix VPN detection system notices, and in all fairness, it’s not that difficult to do. The same IP address shows signs of accessing large amounts of data on the website, which is impossible to do by just one person, indicating that the user could be using a VPN, and proceed by blocking it.

Although the shared IP address is excellent when it comes to anonymity over the internet, they are not the best choice for Netflix. Users that want to circumvent the ban have a higher probability of doing this by using a "Dedicated" IP address.

Another problem is the way VPN service providers buy the addresses that they later appoint to their users. Usually, they purchase them in large bulk, meaning they are all similar to each other. If Netflix recognizes one IP address as a part of a VPN server, there is a big chance for the whole group to get blocked, affecting both the VPN users and others whose address fall close to the compromised VPN IP addresses.

Bottom Line On VPNs for Netflix

Netflix continually works on upgrading the detection system, which has meant that most VPNs have been blocked and have not been able to help their users bypass the geographical restrictions. So if you're interested in using a VPN with Netflix, be sure to check out the recommendations above.

Summary of 2019’s Best Netflix VPN Providers:

Rank Vendor Monthly Price Range Overview User Ratings
1 ExpressVPN $8.32 - $12.95 "Best & Fastest VPN" 8.8
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2 NordVPN $2.99 - $11.95 "I prefer NordVPN" 8.2
Read reviews
3 Ivacy VPN $1.33 - $9.95 "Amazing app awesome service" 7.4
Read reviews
4 CyberGhost VPN $3.50 - $12.99 "Super Hot VPN" 8.2
Read reviews
5 VyprVPN $3.75 - $6.67 "Very nice vpn" 8.0
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