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VPNBase is the Internet's VPN information center. We cover dozens of VPN service companies in every part of the world, informing you on privacy laws by jurisdiction, log retention, and physical infrastructure security like encryption and protocols.

All writers who contribute to VPNBase.com are experts in the field of Virtual Private Networks, or experienced consumers who have been using VPNs for years. The reviews are consistent along our matrix of service, reliability, speeds, security, pricing, and overall customer experience with the provider. Our formula works because it's all you need to know to make your decision. Why change something that works perfectly?

No matter what your need or desire, best pricing, specials, discounts, speed, security, or coupons, we have you covered. You find what you need quick and easy. You have access to our large and continuously updated database to find the service that's right for you, based on your unique combination of needs, priorities, and budget. You set your own sort parameters like Use or Device, deciding on Streaming, Torrenting, Android, iOS, or Country, whatever is best for you.

Our system is designed like a research center for the VPN curious. Literally anything you might be curious about is at your fingertips: operating systems, payment methods, global server location, or pricing plans. If there is anything we're not doing to make your research easier, just drop a note and let us know. If it's reasonable and doable we will implement it, but we think we have everything covered already.

The results returned from VPNBase come back clear and easily readable. We compare prices, explain refund policies, support options, security and infrastructure overviews, and, of course, our overall score for the VPN provider.

You would be doing your internet privacy a great favor by spending a little time on our comparison site. Everything you need to know to make your service the best it can be from a VPN perspective, is contained in VPNBase.

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